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Animation studio

We are a team of motion graphics and 3D artists. We have been working since 2013 creating animated videos which explain, inspire and make the audience fall in love with your product.

We work on a small number of projects at the same time so that we can pay more attention to each one. For each story we choose the animation technique and the illustration style that suits it the best. It makes your video look unique and reflects the nature of your brand.


Animated commercial
3D commercial for a mailing app
Explainer video for a delivery service
Awards ceremony opener
Animated commercials for a delivery service
Image video for birthday
B2b image video for BSS provider
Explainer video for online service
 Rebrand promo video
Educational videos about coffee
Explainer video for an online learning app
Dramatic promo for a veterinary disinfectant
B2b explainer video
3D commercial
Explainer video

We create

Explainer videos

App videos

$4 500–$8 000

starting at $1 300 for
an App Store promo video

Animated commercials

$2 500–$5 000

How do we work

We take care of the entire production process and know how to make it efficient and comfortable for both our team and the client.
We gather all the information about your product and create a story which resonates with your audience.

Concept and script

The storyboard shows what will happen in each scene. You'll see the essential content and composition of the frames, so we will be able to synchronize our ideas about your video.


The voiceover is performed by professional voice actors. We translate the text and record the voiceover in any language along with native speaking copywriters and voice actors.


We don't use stock images: all the illustrations are created specifically for the project by the artist whose style suits the concept.


Motion graphics, character animation, 3D graphics — we choose the animation technique based on the story.


We pick up music from different royalty free music & audio sources and create the sound design of each video — it's the final touch that brings the animation to life.

Music and sound design

If needed we make additional versions of the video for social networks and advertising platforms: for feeds, stories, in-stream ads and so on.





Batumi, Georgia
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